Topics of readings/messages:

Edwards Spirits messages/readings can explore your life, inner and outer {physical and spiritual}.

Edwards Spirit messages/readings can and may cover a huge range of topics: they can include - your daily life, your future, your past, your present, personal guidance, personal guardians, your life plan, your love life, your job, your spiritual health, your past lives, as well as advice from Spirit, and always from Spirits perspective.

Edwards Spirits messages can offer a fresh take on events in a client's life. Just as a person can talk to a wise friend and see if the friend has insights which can help them, they can talk to Edward/Spirit and see if they can help them move forward in their life.

Edwards Spirit messages/readings are not like a bolt of life-changing information.{Note: However, at times they can be!} But they are more like powerful wisdom from a higher perspective which helps re-frame issues. Talking to Edward/Spirit brings in a different perspective. If someone listens with an open mind, they can see issues in a new way and come up with strategies for dealing with problems. Edward/Spirit offers the opportunity for people to understand who they are, what is happening in their lives, and their choices for moving forward.

Edward/Spirit can explore situations, describe options, and help you choose your best course of action. 

Edward/Spirit does not choose for you, you must make your own choices.

Talking with Edward/Spirit can open your mind to a world of potential. There is comfort in hearing that you are not alone in this world. There is a greater picture of humanity and there are reasons why people are here on Earth. Everyone is having an adventure. Magic, mystery, and a world of wonder does exist.



Edwards Spirit reading / message receiving style is done through him primary receiving:

Visions from Spirit, Whispers from Spirit & Divination as per directed by Spirit to Edward.

Spirit will also give Edward dreams, physical sensations, knowledge, among other things as needed.

***Note: There are some questions Spirit may not answer, due to your personal growth and what you need to go through to achieve this growth as a soul. It is rare that this happens, but it does. If it does, we will work around this for the clients betterment.

There is no need to be nervous. Edward the easiest person in the world to work with. He always make sure that his clients are comfortable and that things are making sense, and if not he will explain to his best ability. All of his sessions are done in confidence. Edwards client's privacy is extremely important to him.


The Language of Spirit:

 Spirit loves to speak in all kinds of metaphors, signs and symbols. These metaphors symbols and signs can come in many shapes and forms such as objects, places, animals, numbers, phrases, a word, a scene, etc.


Why does Spirit speak in metaphors, signs and symbols?

Spirit doesn’t have a voice-box and it takes a lot of energy for them to express themselves. They will often speak in metaphors, signs and symbols to try to get their point across. Spirit is always teaching us more about ourselves and the layers of ourselves as beings. There is always a greater level of wisdom behind every single message form Spirit. Spirit always wants you to think deeply for yourself.


Readings/Messages are not set in stone:

There are events that can impact the outcomes predicted in a reading. Here are a few things you should keep in mind if a prediction in your reading/message did not come to pass:

• Readings/messages are not a matter of fate thus they do not dictate your future, but rather display the energy you already set in motion. In other words they illustrate the path through which a situation is heading to.
• A great aspect about readings/messages is that they are mutable, which means that you are the editor of the story of your life. You can either walk your way towards a desired prediction or step away from it – in any case, Edward can give you tips on how to shape the preferred outcomes.


Some tips:

You can gain more control over the outcome of your readings/messages by asking Edward for tips on how to stay on track for the desired prediction or how to avoid it. Psychic energy plays an extremely important role. There are many energy factors that can influence a reading/messages. A crucial one is the clients mindset and spiritual state of being during the time of the reading/messages. 




Readings/Messages Edward Will NOT do:

Edward is always ready to help you in major aspects of your life. However, you should keep in mind that there are some questions that he unfortunately WILL NOT ask Spirit to answer, due to personal and professional reasons, they are as follows:


**** Please be sure to read Terms of Service / Legal Disclaimer page****


1. Medical
• Pregnancy
• Disease / health
• Death

2. Financial
• Lottery
• Insurance
• Legal regulations

3. Misc:
• Court cases
• Black magic
• Curses

* Evil / Demonic / Dark entities


*** NOTE: Edward is NOT a professional MD {doctor} or a professional financial adviser or lawyer and Edward has dealt with the realm of darkness when he was younger and refuses to anymore. 


**** Please be sure to read Terms of Service / Legal Disclaimer page****