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Why is life hard & Spirits Wisdom concerning it.

Over the years, many of my clients have asked me why is life so hard? My clients also have asked me about my personal life, do I struggle also or am I exempt from this because I work with and for Spirit.

The answer to the last question is, no I am not spared pain, and struggle or hardships. Actually they are a bit worse for me than most, due to this work I do. I have no special privileges. I am tested and tried by Spirit.

The answer to the first question, why is life so hard? For this, I asked Spirit to explain.

Spirit Whispered to me the following:

We tell you that life is about your souls development. You are your mind and your mind is your soul. This is the only thing you take with you when you leave the earth realm of learning. We see and understand you learn best by hardship and struggle. It is not done to you but made by you. We know you as spirits learning and growing their souls/minds. We tell you truthfully, your lives are about choices. What you choose every moment creates you. Your minds are your souls and your creations. In this, We tell all souls to create wisely.

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