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Relationship issues & Spirits wisdom concerning them.

Over the course of the many years I have been doing psychic readings in private and online, one topic was and is the most sought after and that is our relationship with one another. So many women and men asking me: why? Will they? What’s wrong? Why did they stop talking to me? Will they leave there spouse for me, or when will they? Do they really love me? When will I find my soulmate? Am I lovable? Why did they leave me? Why can’t I find my true love? And many more. To all these questions and more, Spirit has told these men and women the answers that sometimes they wanted to hear and other times they did not want to hear. So I asked Spirit to explain relationship issues from their perspective.

Spirit Whispered to me:

We smile concerning this subject. We tell you the dynamic of the human experience is quite a powerful experience for your spirits in human form. The dynamic of your relationships are one if not the most POWERFUL growth potentials for your souls which as we have said are your minds. The energies are vast and mixed and are like a mad scientist at work. We again smile. When we see the interactions among human men and women and their diverseness in all of their relationships among themselves, we see a tapestry of soul weavings. We tell you truly, your relationships are never a waste of time or of effort. Every kiss, hug, touch, wink, smile, marriage, tear, scream, heartbreak, and divorce all have their part in your soul/mind development. We say to you it is not the end of the world when a heart is broken, it is a time for this soul to see a lesson of themselves. We ask, do you think the Divine does not have a plan for you? Again we smile. We will tell you a secret, YOU have come from LOVE, and you will go back to LOVE. We say this with a wink to you. We tell you, it is your nature to seek out love. Dear souls your religious books tell you this in truth, but it is up to you to believe it is so. We see your human mammal and your divine spirit mixed and brought together to create a human being with a soul/mind, an absolutely beautiful creation. You are meant to experience the vastness of this beautiful creation that is you. So we say unto you your relationship issues are not issues but parts of your soul’s development, like the mortar between the stone of a wall. Dear souls, you are the mason that mixes the mortar that you use on the stones of your life. We ask when you see a stone or brick wall again stop and remember these words.

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