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Prayer and Spirits Wisdom concerning it, PART 5

This week we will continue on the subject of Prayer. Please see parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 to understand this continuation of prayer. Spirit left off explaining how prayer works with your life you were born into (fated) and also how prayer works with what you could achieve in your life (destiny).

Now I will turn it over to Spirit to continue their explanation of the mechanics of prayer from their side.

I asked Spirit to continue their explanation of the mechanics of prayer from their side, and Spirit whispered to me:

We move on in the continuation of our last explanation on prayer.

Our last but not least explanation is on, how the human being's divine team of guidance must evaluate the prayer of the soul concerning how will the energetic timelines work with and be affected by this prayer.

We will first explain timelines from this sides perspective.

From the humans linear perspective on timelines it goes in a sequence. From this side it is seen in what is best described as a grid map.

To start let us say a human female asks the Divine to meet the man of her dreams. We would also like to mention a side note here discussing timelines that this also concerns the human psychic ability of foreseeing and timelines also affect the foreseen outcome.

So back to our female asking for the man of her dreams. This prayer is sent out and heard and then evaluated in the aforementioned ways and then is brought to the consideration of the energetic timelines.

We will start with the man of her dreams. First what needs to be determined is who best will fill this prayers request in what she is looking for, once this is determined then, what is needed to be looked at is the time reference is his life and hers possibly meeting. Then his probable choices and how they may or may not affect this time reference point. If the man stays on a particular course of choices in his life perhaps he will meet this female, however one choice of course change in his normal life can greatly affect the timeline of meeting this female. If this happens, this will shift the possibilities of when and how the female will meet this man of her dreams. We say this also goes for the female looking for this man of her dreams also. If the chosen male and this female keep to their normal course and make no great course changing choices then from this side there can be a weaving process to start to bring these two humans together. We tell you truly a lot goes into this kind of prayer, when there are two or more humans and their multitudes of different energies it can become a challenge to get them to cross in the timelines when the desired times come. We wish to keep this subject of prayer as linear as possible and not to confuse the reader by getting into: probable realities, alternate realities, alternate selves/the many you’s, the mirrored self/opposite of the alternate self be remaining the same, when you don’t choose one thing, you do it elsewhere. We mention this in passing to remind you that you dear souls are multi-dimensional spirit beings, not your current incarnation, which is but a moment in your spiritual history. We will say you do glimpse them at time in your dream time, We smile.

We hope this 5 part explanation gives the reader a greater understanding of the mechanics of what going into prayers.

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