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Prayer and Spirits Wisdom concerning it, PART 3

This week we will continue on the subject of Prayer. Please see parts 1 &2 to understand this continuation of prayer. Spirit left off giving examples of how affirming prayer is preferred over a prayer that is asking.

Now I will turn it over to Spirit to continue their explanation of the mechanics of prayer from their side.

I asked Spirit to continue their explanation of the mechanics of prayer from their side, and Spirit whispered to me:

We say to you, yes We move on in the continuation of our explanation of prayer. Next, we will explain, how the human being's divine team of guidance must evaluate the prayer of the soul concerning how prayer may affect the soul's personal spiritual development. You see dear souls, when you reach out to the Divine, you are always heard. However, what is best for you is the Divine's greatest desire. Now, What is looked at is this: If the prayer is answered how will it change the energetic pattern of the soul asking? If not answered, how will that change the energetic pattern of the soul asking? What is evaluated is – what will cause the greater personal development of the asking soul? We tell you it is not a matter of whether you are worthy or good, it is a matter of what’s BEST for the growth of your spirit.

We will give you an example:

A human being asks the Divine for a mate: We will say a female human asks the Divine for a human male, a love life as you say. The Divine then evaluates the female human asking for this male human. If this is answered, as she requests, will this be the best scenario for her growth? If yes, then she will meet a male that she will fall in love with. However if no, then she will not meet a male to fall in love with. Also, there are other items to consider! What if she meets this male and falls in love and they fight and argue? Will this be good for her development? Perhaps! She may learn more about herself from the fights and arguments than from being in love! We continue, What if this female whose prayer is answered for a male to be her mate, winds up being with him for a few years, and then the male just leaves? What will the female do? How will she react? Will this cause some possible strong growth for the female? If the Divine sees it will, then this will be also considered. Now, let us say the Divine sees the female's personal energies developing the best by having her male mate and they marry and perhaps have a family and the many, many energies in this create a magnificent growth for this female! Then this may be the way the Divine may answer the female's prayer. Now what about, if the Divines sees the female's spirit growing much better by not answering her prayer for a male mate? What if the Divine sees the female gaining much more self-assurance, confidence, self-esteem, wisdom, and an understanding heart? We tell you truly this will be also evaluated as a strong possibility. Also, there are many variations to our examples as you can see. So you can see there are many, many, many items to consider when evaluating a prayer.

We ask you to please understand it is not a matter of if your bad or good or worthy or unworthy, it is, dear souls, completely a matter of YOUR PERSONAL SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, Nothing more, nothing less! You see, dear souls, your personal spiritual growth is the Divines HIGHEST priority for you. We tell you your growth may feel great at times and then at other times not feel so great. We liken it to your physical exercise. You may feel your endorphins on a high, then also you can feel your muscles deeply ache and hurt, but both make your physical body better developed.

We smile when humans ask our Edward questions to ask Us. Such as - when will I meet my soulmate? We try our best to answer this question as we know most humans do not understand the answers are not cut and dry, nor do most humans care for their spiritual development. Most humans are mainly driven by the mammal side of their selves, of which We do fully understand. This also is taken into consideration for the answers of prayers, again We wink at you.

We will end here for this week. We will continue our explanation next week with: How will the soul's path be affected by this prayer?

We ask you one thing, to please ponder what is best for your soul's development when thinking of prayers.

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