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Prayer and Spirits Wisdom concerning it, PART 1

This week I thought I would get Spirits input on the subject of Prayer. Praying is something I have personally done all my life. Prayer for me is communication to the Divine. Prayer is universal in all denominations, faiths, and belief systems. It’s the human desire to connect to the realm of Spirit/the Divine. Since I was young, Spirit has taught me the best ways to pray and how to understand the way praying works from the Divine perspective. One advantage of my life is that I hear/see my prayers being answered because of what I do as a Seer or a more modern term Psychic. But for those not in tune with their personal psychic abilities, what do they do? Also, why does it seem some prayers go unanswered? Why does it seem that some prayers are answered quickly? Is it faith? Is it repetition? Is it begging the Divine? What goes on behind the scenes when we, here on earth, ask in prayer for something? I have met people that feel prayer is silly and an absolute waste of time, but when their lives are turned upside down they are willing to try anything to get their lives back on track. So with all this said, I will turn it over to Spirit to explain prayer from their side.

I asked Spirit to explain Prayer from the perspective of the Divine, and Spirit Whispered to me:

We are grateful that our Edward has asked Us to explain the subject of prayer. We feel that most humans do not understand the mechanics of what happens and what goes on behind the scenes where We are. There is much that MUST and NEEDS to happen for prayers to manifest in your reality. We will start by reminding our readers of what they are as a human being, which is a divine spiritual energy matrix, mixed with a physical mammal, which creates a mind which is a unique soul that is here to learn. We begin by telling you this because We ask you to remember this as we continue to explain prayer. And so it is, as the human being asks in prayer, a request from the Divine, the mental energies go out to our realm and are ALWAYS heard and felt. From here the human being's prayer is taken over by their personal divine guidance and guardians. Each human being has a spirit team in their lives that assist them, whether they believe in them or not. We will say from this point that answered prayers are not cut and dry based on what happens. There are many items that we need to work with to bring about the prayers to be answered.

We will name a few here:

  • How will this prayer affect the soul's personal spiritual development?

  • How will the soul's path in this life be affected by this prayer?

  • How will it affect the other souls in this being's life, what energy ripple will it cause?

  • The energy of the prayer, is it asking, or is it affirming?

  • There are the energetic timelines that come into consideration.

  • How will the probable realities be affected due to this prayer being answered?

  • Is this prayer a part of the soul's life plan?

  • Is this prayer being answered, good for the soul at this time?

  • Will the soul understand if we answer the prayer in our way and not theirs?

We will stop here for this week and continue explaining more next week.

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