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Bullies & Spirits wisdom concerning them.

In life, we deal with many difficult things and people. Some of us are faced with other people that are habitually hurtful, cruel and try to intimidate us for no reason it seems, we call these people bullies. I have had clients who have had to deal with bullies in youth and in adulthood. I myself had to face bullies in my youth. Bullies do affect us deeply: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Their effects can last a lifetime, however, we can either allow bullying to break us down or make us more beautiful than we already are.

I asked Spirit their perspective on bullies, and Spirit whispered to me:

We call such souls who bully - Amplifiers and Catalysts. We call them this due to their ability to bring about changes in others and to help others become greater. On a conscious level, the bully does not realize they are doing this work, but on a subconscious and superconscious (Spiritual) level they do.

We do understand how the human being bullied only sees hurt and pain due to this harsh energetic interaction with the bullying. Not all souls/minds need to deal with such energies of the bully, those that do are born into the world to achieve certain things they need for their spirits greater development, most often to achieve a form of personal greatness.

We tell you that the soul being bullied can take this energy and turn it into a metamorphosis for themselves or they can allow it to dampen their energies. This is a choice, to believe, or to allow, a bully to have their energies interfere. We say to you this is where your changes and greatness can come in.

We ask all souls who are faced with bullies, to consider also that there are many energetic layers to this, that extend also into the bullies soul as well, such as possible hurts, abuse, anger to name a few, that those souls are working with, from this life and past lives, on a conscious or subconscious level.

We ask those souls that are bullied to take the energies that come from the bullying and become like the mighty ROSE BUSH - protect yourself, see the magnificent beauty that you truly possess, and allow it to grow and expand greatly.

Lastly, We ask you to do the following:

Get an image of the mighty ROSE BUSH and place it in your living area, and gaze upon it often. We ask you to do this as a reminder to you dear souls, this is YOU.

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