Who is Spirit?

Spirits Message on who they are:

We are what is best described as a very high vibration of light energy, that serves as guidance, messengers, and guardians of human beings.


Where is Spirit located?

Spirits Message on where they are located:

We exist in many consciousness reality's. Humans have many names for this reality. To make this more simple to understand We will say we exist on the - Physical plane and the non-physical planes of - Astral plane, Mental plane, Pure consciousness plane, Spiritual plane, Divine plane, Total Oneness plane, and Monadic plane. We tell you truly there are many, many more areas than these. Each of these has an infinity of what you can say are sub-categories of many worlds or universes in energic wavefunctions, a multiverse.

What are Spirit's motives?

Spirits Message on Their motives:

We desire to assist humanity in their evolution of personal and collective consciousness. We desire to help humans to understand themselves and that they are not alone. We desire to assist in the daily mundane as well as in the important items in human life. 


Spirits Message to those seeking their Assistance:

We say to you that We make an assessment, in a manner of speaking, the energy of the individual souls that seek Our guidance, that are participating within a particular session of reality and the potentiality of each of those individuals and which direction they shall proceed within subsequent to the session of reality, and what they shall offer in their energy and how they shall be affecting their and other individuals in conjunction with this information.

We are not teaching you, dear souls. We are merely offering you information that may be helpful to you in your journey of self-enlightenment. If you learn from Our words given to you then you have a blessing. Remember dear souls everything is about what you choose.