Edward Dawson

Edward is a highly gifted, ordained, professional, and certified Psychic, Seer, Prophet, Medium, Revelator, Oracle, and Shaman.

Edward offers Heavenly help, through receiving communication from Divine Etheric Spiritual Beings of Light, Love, and Guidance.


Since born into this world in 1975, Edward has been in communication with the many worlds of the Divine Spirit. Edward lives in this world and intimately works with the many worlds of the Divine Spirit.


Edward was officially ordained in 2005 as a Prophet and then in 2012, as a Psychic and a Medium, in 2019 he was ordained as a Seer, a Revelator, and Oracle.

In 2020 he has achieved a Master of Shamanism. Also in 2020, Edward has achieved becoming a certified Divination card reader. As of October 2020, Edward has obtained an ordination/certification of being a Channel of Spirit.

Edward has also worked as an online Psychic and was rated on a 5-star basis, Edward always held a 4.5 star to a 5-star rating.

Edward also trains his psychic abilities daily. He believes deeply in continuing education and building the strength of his psychic abilities and spiritual advancement, as one does with weight training. This training is through the spiritual disciplines deep meditation, pranayama, samayama and other spiritual practices he has been doing since his youth. 


Edward has been receiving messages from the worlds of Divine Spirit and doing readings for over 30 years, but in private and behind closed doors.

Spirit has now moved Edward to take his gift to the world.

Edward is not a medium/in between for deceased humans, he can and has done this work, but he does not focus on it and he really does not like the energies associated with deceased humans. What Edward is – is an in-between/medium for: The Divine which are higher finer vibrational spiritual beings and their guidance for human beings in this world.

Mission Statement
Edward uses his highly gifted and highly trained psychic abilities to communicate to the Divine higher Spirit worlds to offer guidance to all of his clients, and to bring them Messages for - A greater understanding, guidance, insight, peace, determination, wisdom, positive direction, and encouragement to face the challenges that they may be in currently or that may lie ahead of them. It is Edward's strong desire to be a Channel of The Divines light.